The Buddhist Unalome is a symbol that captures the journey of enlightenment. The spiral indicates life’s struggles as we experience many ups and downs. Eventually, though, we will reach a straight path. Made from a variety of precious metals, our Unalome Collection is as fashionable as it is healing and spiritual. Hand-drawn by Michele and made with intention. Wear the Unalome will allow your experience to elevate to a more open path toward enlightenment. 

  • Necklace: Each Unalome jewelry design is hand-made. Our necklaces are long enough to sit on your chest, allowing your heart to be more open to receive.
  • Bracelet: Choose from two healing gemstones, opal or black onyx.
  • Earrings: The delicate Unalome earrings are lightweight and dangle beautifully from the ear. Choose the metal and color from brass, gun metal, or silver.
  • Made from copper and brass, dipped in silver. All jewelry is hypoallergenic