The Healing Power of Jewelry

Jewelry can heal the body and balance our inner alignment. We design the metals and stones with everlasting messages to help us find deeper meaning through self-healing.

When you incorporate healing crystals, jewelry, and gemstones into your lifestyle, the energy it channels can boost your mood while nurturing feelings of positivity.

We dedicate Story of 11 to providing customers with an experience. We are committed to incorporating spirituality and nature into their designs with t healing properties - leading to an enhanced feeling of positivity throughout daily routines a boosting energy levels. Our stunning artisan jewelry r us of the wonders inside every one of us.

Along with being a powerful crystal, healing stones have unique frequencies and energies that can transform your life. The various gems have different purposes or meanings depending on what they are used for in the spiritual jewelry world- whether it's attracting love into one's heart chakra (Peridot), providing emotional stability through protection from negative thoughts/feelings; grounding oneself spiritually while also helping clear up energy blocks within our chakras. There is one for every ailment.

A gemstone brings enhancements and more wellness toward mental health awareness throughout our journey. 

Crystals have been used for centuries in spiritual practices to provide calmness and drive away anger and stress. They also work as a natural healing element which can help you heal from different mental disorders like anxiety or depression more quickly than before because they are full of energy that is beneficial when it comes down into our body's system.  

While society has become familiar with how these rocks are spiritual practices, there's no doubt about their significance today. 

The yogi is never without her spiritual j. She wears it to give herself the power she needs in this world where negative energy reigns supreme and thoughts can be hard-to-control, even for those with years of experience meditating or practicing yoga poses on their mats d.

When you incorporate healing jewelry into your outfit, raising energy levels creates a focus transformation. You may also find that the challenges of everyday life are less challenging when wearing healing jewelry.

*All of our products are cleansed before they're shipped out. After being lovingly crafted by our artisans, we pass them through and absorb several energies so that your sacred items will be even more powerful than you imagined! 

I created a Sacred Blessing time each month to bless each product individually with positive and healing vibrations through a cleansing ceremony. When your order arrives, each crystal is cleansed, and only your energy will touch your product when you open it. Now you are ready to manifest your dreams.


When stress takes over, it can be n to maintain a healthy balance. Yoga is an excellent way of rebalancing the chakra system and maintaining your health in order not to lose more energy than necessary.
The human body has seven points called "chakras," which need regular maintenance through practices like yoga, so we cd mentally and physically.

Wearing healing jewelry with intention, like our Unalome symbolic representation of The Journey to Enlightenment, f in our bodies. Wearing healing jewelry with an uplifting effect may provide comfort, while grounding helps to restore balance and maintain overall wellness by aligning chakras effectively.

When you wear your healing gemstones, they give the energy of protection and nourishment. They also help strengthen spirits throughout their life journey by providing w needed.

Gemstones evoke positive vibrations; with the brightest intention, unwanted energies are naturally released around the people around them. It can help to bring joy into your day and bless all those with a healing influence for growth.

Why not embrace our authentic healing jewelry?

Every piece of jewelry has unique properties to begin your journey.

Each collection represents a journey to the peace we yearn for within; it’s like a kind of self-therapy; you are on the b of your t; original Story, started with Unalome — and one that you select will elevate your life path.

 Michele Cynthia is the founder and inspiring force behind Story of 11. She pays close attention to detail, honoring homage through the artistic designs created for those with complex inner worlds, telling a story of resilience.