Spiritual Healing Jewelry Journey

Spiritual Jewelry for Every Life Journey...

The power of our jewelry is in the intention of each design.

I design our spiritual healing jewelry with the infinite love of helping you on your journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Each collection is meant to help y the wilderness, allowing the flow of consciousness to embrace your authentic inner thread.

Story of 11 jewelry empowers our journey through obstacles, creating our path and breaking down the barriers that keep us stuck. Our jewelry is a reminder of the Warrior within to amplify our existence to move with - as we pivot with purpose.

Welcome to STORY OF 11

An Infused Healing and Wellness Lifestyle Destination

Our Healing Designs are the phases of experiences we evolve through, honoring homage through the artistic designs created for those with complex inner worlds. We tell those stories of resilience. 

"Art from A Broken Heart"  

Weightless - Bendable - Unbreakable Life Style Jewelry 

Our original Unalome healing jewelry design is worn as a powerful energetic embrace to the center and ground. Elegant yet dramatic, we make each design with infinite intention. W the discovery of our true path. Each collection is an added dimension. And so it is.