Our Story

The Grief Warrior Official
Spiritual creative designer and award-winning screenwriter Michele Cynthia created Story of 11 Healing Jewelry in 2011. She is an award-winning writer moving with in honor of her traumatic life experiences.
Michele uses her visionary brilliance by drawing the designs on a full moon and handing them over to her talented artisan across the pond to complete her vision.
As an intuitive alchemist and Life Path 11, Michele brings forth a captivating essence in her quest to manifest transformational experiences during her 1:1 healing retreats with clients. These synergies add an extra layer of meaning deeply rooted in her spirituality and dedication to energy healing.
During a retreat in the Berkshires on her son's 29th birthday (2+9=11), Michele reflected upon the synchronicity of 'moving with' grief and trauma. Michele had just completed her 11-year writing journey, “A Journey of Unconditional Love,” and most prominently engraved the UNALOME symbol on her inner wrist as a reminder of the gifts presented along the journey: the wounds of a warrior.

Michele’s soul found itself drawn to the inspiration of sharing the powerful meaning of the UNALOME. With the help of her new friend from the street fair, Story of 11 continues to evolve while creating unique pieces to stimulate spiritual healing powers.