Spiritual Jewelry for Every Life Journey

The power of our jewelry is in the intention of each design.

Our spiritual healing jewelry is designed with infinite love t you on your journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Each collection is meant to help y the wilderness, allowing the flow of consciousness to embrace your authentic inner thread.

Story of 11 jewelry empowers our journey through obstacles, creating our path and breaking down the barriers that keep us stuck. Our jewelry is a reminder of the Warrior within to amplify our existence to move with - as we pivot with purpose.

Spiritual Jewelry Meaning

Story of 11 artisans creates with intention in every piece they make only their creativity but also their integrity.

Meaning is also known as purpose, and to pivot with purpose is meant to evoke a more meaningful life, as it creates the sense of something greater than existence. Despite the obstacles we may endure, honoring our truth with meaning transforms our inner thread into an alignment tale of wonder.

With greater positivity, mindfulness, and intention, Michele explores a meaningful journey created from her 7 Stages of Grief Alignment – represented by the acronym EMBRACE:



Be Present




Eat Healthy

One must Pivot with Purpose. The energy of Story of 11 is a powerful manifestation created for you with infinite, meaningful love.

Our metals and gems are activated to provide additional energetic b for natural healing. Materials include quartz, amethyst, and other crystals, along with silver, copper, and brass.