Brazilian Tigers Eye Unalome Pendulum

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Handmade Tiger's Eye (Solar Plexus) balances masculine energies with concentration and clarity, making it perfect for utilizing both sides of our brains. When casting the tiger’s eye stone as a YES/NO question, its strong focus enables us to see clearly through any obstacles in front while also providing intense power when needed.

The metals are copper dipped in gunmetal. Some pendulums host a Swarovski gem in various locations of the design. Each pendulum is handmade and designed on a Full Moon and cleansed with intention before shipment.

With a vibrant color and flawless finish, this Tiger Eye Crystal Pendulum is essential for any crystal collection. Perfect for different crystal healing. It has a host of elements said to bring positive attributes into your life. 

Tiger Eye is thought to encourage bravery and strength. It is a stone of confidence and is said to be beneficial to the digestive system.