Collection: Healing Jewelry

Spiritual Healing Jewelry for Every Life Journey...

The power of UNALOME is in the intention of our Pivot with Purpose.

UNALOME represents the infinite love of navigating your journey of self-discovery and personal growth to help you navigate LIFE wilderness, allowing the flow of consciousness to embrace your authentic inner thread.

The Buddhist UNALOME is a symbol that captures the journey of enlightenment. The spiral indicates life’s struggles as we experience many ups and downs. Eventually, though, we will reach a straight path. Made from various precious metals, our Unalome Collection is as fashionable as it is healing and spiritual. Hand-drawn by Michele and made with intention. Wear the Unalome to elevate your journey to a more open path toward enlightenment. 

  • Necklace: Each Unalome jewelry design is h. Our necklaces are bendable (not breakable) 
  • Bracelet: Tigers Eye or Black Onyx.
  • Earrings: The delicate Unalome earrings are lightweight and dangle beautifully from the ear.
  • Made from copper and brass, dipped in silver & gunmetal.
  • All jewelry is hypoallergenic.