Healing Jewelry

Spiritual Healing Jewelry

Grateful Warriors

Meaningful body art with a spiritual energy. I can feel it when wearing my Unalome jewelry.

Vida Guerra

This timeless jewelry serves as spiritual vessel for healing energies in my everyday life.


These self healing adornments are magical. Your energy is an embodiment of prayer.

Armand Assante

Spiritual Jewelry...

Is not only about cleansing and celebration of the body, but it also provides a way to transcend into what we call "the real essence" in this world.

You may not know it, but there are stones with healing properties that correspond to different chakra systems. We use these stones in our jewelry to elevate these chakras. Trust your intuition! If you have a strong feeling about which stone is best suited for relieving an ailment or increasing spiritual power, then by all means wear them as often as possible.

If you feel drawn to a particular stone, then that stone is "good medicine" for you and is exactly what you should be wearing at that time!  Often the meaning will reveal itself to you as you are wearing the piece!

Be aware of any strange encounters or synchronicities that may offer clues along your journey.  Working with stones in this way can help us to heal, grow, and evolve along our spiritual path.  Sometimes, when a stone has fulfilled its duty or we have learned the spiritual lesson it came to teach us, the stone may vanish or break.  It is then time to work with a new stone because you are on a new path.

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The power is ours!

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