Our Warrior Collection captures all the qualities of a warrior: capable, hopeful, strong, and true. Wear this healing jewelry and tap into spiritual power. All materials are carefully chosen and our designs are hand-drawn. Each piece in the Warrior Collection contains a gemstone that lends its unique energy to the wearer. Lightweight and made of copper and brass dipped in silver or gun metal, Story of 11 jewelry is completely unique. Our gemstones are sourced from Brazil. We cleanse our gemstones and other materials before handcrafting each piece with love and good energy so that you experience all the positive benefits.

  • Necklace: Choose from a range of sizes and styles. Gemstones include amethyst and crystal quartz.
  • Bracelet: Our Warrior bracelets are uniquely crafted cuffs made with amethyst and crystal quartz gemstones.
  • Ring: Harness the power of labradorite and the subtle shapes of the moon with our collection of Warrior rings.